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Office: San Bernardino, CA

Owners: Rigo Loera and Ruth Loera

RL Designs specializes in residential

design. We have been practicing in the building design industry since 2001

We can design a house from your imagination onto paper or if your not sure what you want- We can help with that too. If you don't feel like moving and want to alter your existing home. This is what we have been practicing since before we started helping the public for ourselves. We are practicing life time students of the construction trade, we are sure we have not seen it all and know that we can anything, as long as code does not forbid it. This is due to our combined effort and experience with everybody who has and continues to contribute to our work here at RL Designs.

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Here's How the Process works 

1- Contact. You can email, call or text (addresses and phone numbers here below) to discuss your project and get an understanding of what you would like to do.

2- Scope of Work. I will ask you to provide me with the project site address (or the APN if the project does not have an address yet. The APN can be obtained from your tax bill or from the Grant Deed to your property), photos of the site and any sketches you might have of what you would like to accomplish. After we have discussed the scope of the work to be completed.

3- We discuss in detail the scope of work, take some basic measurements of the existing home (if the project is existing), document existing conditions to support the project, photograph the site and provide you with an actual quote for the Design Plans to be prepared.

4- Agreement. If we ca agree on the quote, we can start right away by taking full measurements to begin the drawings. We will then prepare a formal contract for your review and approval.

5- Design Process. Existing and New Floor Plan layouts are produced and emailed to you for your review and approval.

6. Working Drawings. After we are completed with the Design phase and no more changes are to occur to the floor plan layouts, we will produce the remaining drawings towards the completion of the plans, which we call, "The Working Drawings".

7. Engineering- A major component of the working drawings is the Engineering for your new structure. This new construction will be required to be reviewed by a Licensed Structural Engineer to prepare structural plans including the foundation plan and framing plan/s.

8. Title 24 Energy Calculations. In the State of California we are required to analyze the new lighting and ventilation created in any building as a result of new construction. This is required for both residential and commercial projects. (This report is prepared by a registered Energy Designer).

9. Plan Check. When plans and all of the calculation reports are completed, copies are printed as required by the city/county in order to review and approve the construction plans prepared. Depending on the nature and size of your project- the plans are reviewed by Your local city or County- Engineering Department, Fire Department, Planning Department and The Building and Safety Department. This is to verify the plans meet the current building requirements for your safety.

10. Plan Check Comments. Sometimes, the plan checker will find something in the plans that requires some clarification or change in descriptions of how things are being called out. We will make the necessary adjustments and resubmit when if this occurs. Plans are reviewed by multiple plan checkers and different agencies which are all different and it is very likely we will gladly get to answer some if any comments are available for us.

10.1. Plans Approved! Your plans have been reviewed and approved by all of the agencies in charge of the permit process. They notify us as the applicant and we then notify you.

10.2. Permit. The city will generate a permit fee due at the time of pick up. You might be sent to the local school district to pay a school tax known as  "School Fees" due when if you exceed 500 SF, a release form showing nothing is due might still be required no matter the size of the project. The city will further explain this when the permit is being issued. This is a typical process.



RL Designs

RIGO 909-496-5749

RUTH 909-709-0570

Real Life Designs

Color, texture, light, furnishings – details like these can transform a room, making it feel like a new home . 

Real Life Designs, RLD helps you to complete a very specific architectural task. Traditional or Boho? Gothic or Art Deco? We’ll guide you through the decisions, providing fresh options to share your vision and pull it all together into a New home, or a New addition design that is functional and uniquely yours.  RLD takes a lot of pride in preparing construction plans and assure you the quality of our services and speed is something we take very serious. So let us create a timeless one of a kind space for you.

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